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Dressage Training


The Riverdale Stables has always had the distinction of having the region’s top Dressage Program.   We still maintain an unsurpassed Dressage training program today while introducing more jumping and additional programs. 


The fundamentals of modern day dressage finds it roots in precision military riding. The military standard and test included obedience and maneuverability (later to become dressage) and the ability to jump obstacles.  Each step of the horse and rider were analyzed and judged.  Each footfall of the horse guided precisely buy the rider with aids undetectable to the common eye.


Modern Dressage is often referred to as if horse and rider were dancing together.  Certain classes are in fact set to music.  It starts with the basics and moves up to include those who wish to compete.  


We have horses and training at a levels including a New York City’s only regulation Dressage arena!


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